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Paul Rubenstein, known as "Mr.R." by his students, teaches high school and middle school kids how to make electric guitars and amplifiers. The kids below are from MS 246 in Brooklyn, NY.
Shameeka shows off her guitar-in-progress.
Shameeka rocks out on her completed electric guitar.
Kevin gluing, with help from coach Damani.
Darnley files down a fret.
Ishmael with his pride and joy.
Kareem looking smoooth.
Max drills a hole, with a helping hand from Kenrick.
Mr. "R." helps Kareem cut a piece of wood.
Othneil strumming the blues.
In Mr. Rubenstein's music class in the BBCS after-school program at MS 246 in Brooklyn, the kids got to build their own electric guitars, completely from scratch. The only manufactured parts were the tuning machines.

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VIDEO of "Mr. Paul's"class at PS 124 experimenting with a piezo-electric tranducer. These are the same kids who sang backing vocals for the Electric Ghosts' version of David Bowie's "Scary Monsters" featuring Daniel Johnston.

The video above is in .avi format. To download as .mpg click here.