Paul Rubenstein Paul Rubenstein (aka Ubertar) is a composer, musician, musical
instrument inventor, recording engineer and educator.
and maker of hexaphonic guitar pickups
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Working Playground students in the Building Music/Music Production classes recorded a radio program of music they performed mainly on instruments they built themselves in class. This year's student artists are from the High School of Public Service in Brooklyn, Middle School 44 in Manhattan and John Adams Annex High School in Queens. The teaching artist is Paul Rubenstein. Also featured in the radio program are songs by students from last year's classes at Erasmus High and Thomas Jefferson High.

    Kids Radio - Listen Here

Track# Artist Title Intro By
Welcome   Kids Radio Kevin B (HSPS)
1 Thomas Jefferson High Untitled Omari (MS44)
2 MSPS Duo/Solo Gary (MS44)
3 MS44/HSPS Collaboration Dayquon (MS44)
4 Gary (MS44) Autoharp Piece Kevin B (HSPS)
5 Lawrence (Thomas Jefferson) Untitled Kevin B
6 John Adams/MS44 Collaboration Terrence (MS44)
7 Erasmus High City Kids On The Farm Genesis (MS 44)
8 Omari (MS44) Bad Bad Blues Mansoor (John Adams High Annex)
9 Thomas Jefferson High Untitled Mansoor
Amanda solders a piezo transducer
(contact mic) to a jack.
  A musician's life is not so bad...
Mansoor and Hector show off their guitars.
    Rondell relaxes after all the hard work.
Dayquon, Terrence, Omari and Gary-- master percussionists of MS 44.   Hector builds an amplifier.
the percussionist's evil twins...    
Kevin helps Rondell add frets to his guitar.   Performance art?
Kevin makes a two stringed guitar.   A proud luthier.
Kevin P, Millicent, Rondell and Kevin B   Making an amplifier.
  Hey-- we're on Music Thing!
and Wired too!
A peanut can amplifier. There was also a
butter tub version.
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