Paul Rubenstein Paul Rubenstein (aka Ubertar) is a composer, musician, musical
instrument inventor, recording engineer and educator.
and maker of hexaphonic guitar pickups

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08-09 school year, IS 281   08-09, PS 288, IS 237   07-08, Wingate High School,
FK Lane High School, completed
07-08, Wingate,
FK Lane, building
  06-07, Wingate, John Adams
High School, FK Lane
  06-07, Wingate,
FK Lane, completed
06-07, Wingate,
FK Lane, building
  05-06, Wingate,
John Adams High School
Annex, plus radio show
including 04-05 work from
Thomas Jefferson High
and Erasmus High
  04-05 MS 246 take a
trip to Studio G with
the guitars they made
04-05 MS 246 build guitars        
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"a fantastic project" --Music Thing
"the music is awesome, as are the guitars" --Music Thing
"hands-on approach to getting kids interested in music" --Wired
"way better than School of Rock" --Gothamist
"amazing instruments" --WFMU
"the coolest teacher ever" --Synthtopia
"love of music...youngsters spontaneously composing... its impact is growing" --Brooklyn Daily Eagle
"a rich learning experience" --Make
"the world would be a much much much better place if more of education was like this" --Make reader
"seriously good, unique unclassifiable music" --Music for Maniacs
"some of the most awesome and unclassifiable music classes on the planet... exciting, inspiring, and completely unlike anything else" --Rockabye Baby blog
"like Wavves meets Animal Collective meets Lord Finesse" --WFMU
"Inspired" --Magenta
"This Is So Great" and "Heavy Drone Rock" on the playlist at BBC Radio 6