Paul Rubenstein Paul Rubenstein (aka Ubertar) is a composer, musician, musical
instrument inventor, recording engineer and educator.
and maker of hexaphonic guitar pickups
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On page 7, we saw these beautiful, original, electric guitar masterpieces being made by Mr. R's students at F.K.Lane High School and the High School of Public Service at Wingate... here are some that are finished. Soon, we will be making amplifiers... a few students have already made headphone amps, and some are nearly done with full amps with speakers. The frets on these guitars are set to seven-tone equal temperament, a microtonal scale. Check out page 9 for videos and music.


Shakia plays her cartoon guitar.   More Shakia-- in this one you can see the headphone amplifier she's plugged into.
Tyrone relaxes with his guitar.   Anisha poses with her New York flower guitar.
Hector rocking out.   Taylor with her boot guitar.
Ayonde calculates and marks off where his
frets will go.
  Vishal with his X-shaped guitar.
Rashid with his awesome creation.   Nick with his black and white guitar.
Francisco's flying V,
and Natalie's figure 8.
Seon's guitar, with the
names and symbols of electronic components. Making amplifiers
will be next!
  Shante's Teddy bear ROCK! guitar, and
Tameeka's pink skull. The skull guitar plugs
in through the eye socket!
Jose's red guitar. The strings come off to cut the slots for the frets. When the strings are back on, it's done!
Anisha's New York flower guitar, front and back.    
Nick makes a headphone amplifier.
    Nadeesha's polka dot guitar.
Some unfinished guitars-- get to work!   Crystal's guitar is the pink Les Paul shaped one, with red spots and green and white stripes. You know the others by now...
Crystal displays her guitar and amplifier.   A close-up view of Crystal's amplifier.
Vishal and Nick's "butter tub" amplifiers.    
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