Paul Rubenstein Paul Rubenstein (aka Ubertar) is a composer, musician, musical
instrument inventor, recording engineer and educator.
and maker of hexaphonic guitar pickups
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My students at FK Lane High School and Wingate High School in Brooklyn are making electric guitars. You can see them making them here. A few of them are completed, and most are nearly completed. Unfortunately, some of the kids have left the program in the second semester, and the unfinished guitars will have to be finished by new students. The continuing students who have completed their guitars are now starting to make amplifiers. Also, my students at John Adams High in Queens have made square wave oscillators and are nearly done with their two-stringed movable fretted guitars. Their page will be up soon. These guitars were made with one drill, one hand-held rotary tool and one jigsaw. We need more tools (and materials too)! Contact Paul if you can help.


The guitars of the High School of Public Service, Wingate Campus   The guitars of Franklin K Lane High School
Ben's square guitar   Guitars by Joanna (center) and Jackie (right)
Shakia's Barbados guitar (center) and Shaloma's spider guitar (left)   A butterfly by Jaymee and a heart by Michelle
Several guitars, reverse view   Star guitar by Francesca, reverse view
Guitar by Shanice   A blue S for Shaniqua, and a purple butterfly by Ta'Shania
From the left, guitars by Dameon, David, Tayleen, Fabujea and Dwight. You can see Dwight has started putting the frets on. That's the last step.   From the left: Jessica, Alisha, Shatiya and Dameon.
Ricardo, Varesa, Jackie and Francesca   Fabujea, Dwight, Monique and Richard
LaRon's manga guitar. Note the stylish
headstock design.
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