Paul Rubenstein Paul Rubenstein (aka Ubertar) is a composer, musician, musical
instrument inventor, recording engineer and educator.
and maker of hexaphonic guitar pickups
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Once the guitars are completed, the kids in Paul Rubenstein's Working Playground "Building Music" class make their amplifiers. It's up to each student to create their own enclosure for the circuit, so each amp has it's own distinctive look. The kids solder together the circuits following this schematic from Thanks to Small Bear Electronics for giving us a good deal on parts, and to MWS Wire for the magnet wire for the guitar pickups! The kids make square wave oscillators, too!


Three views of Shakia's flying saucer amplifier.
Shatiya's Box Amplifier   Yujeshwar mixing tracks
Amanda with her two-stringed guitar with
movable frets.
  David adding the frets
Yujeshwar mixing tracks   Dameon's guitar with whammy bar
Laron with his guitar and amp   Laron's guitar, back view
Brian rocks out   Jamie playing piano
Shawn making a two-stringed guitar   the girls
rock stars  
Shawn makes a square wave oscillator   Sudish makes a square wave oscillator
Slide show with audio
Kevin, Laron and Shakia perform "Help Me", a song Shakia wrote, at the Urban Arts Festival.
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