Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups
and polyphonic pickups for bass and seven-stringed guitar

SINGLE, DUAL string pickups



from left to right: hex breakout box, hex plus stereo breakout box, hex (divided) single coil pickup in strat-style case, hex (divided) humbucker.

Click here for single-string (one-string) or two-string pickups. HC-series one-string pickups are ideal for a modular design or for custom spacing. Put them in any style of case. Available in reverse polarity (color coded) for wiring as humbucker pairs.

contact: paul@ubertar.com

Ubertar polyphonic pickups are available as poly single coils or poly humbuckers. The most common types are hexaphonic pickups for guitar and quad pickups for bass. Individual pickups for a single string are also available, as well as seven-string versions.

Hex pickups for guitar come in a strat style single coil case or a black plastic humbucker case.

Standard colors are black or white. Other colors may be available on request.

Singles and humbuckers are in standard bridge position spacing. If you need alternate spacing, order the HC individual pickups and set them in a case spaced how you need them.

Polyphonic Pickups:

See the drop-down menu below for prices for hex and quad pickups.

All pickups are available as single coils (e.g. six single coils make one hex single coil pickup) or humbuckers (one hex = 12 coils). Plus pickups are made with my HC coils. Great tone, virtually noiseless (make sure to connect your ground pin to bridge/strings like you would with any electromagnetic pickup).

**PLEASE NOTE** I have discontinued standard, as plus have been far more popular and it makes life easier to just make one kind. If you prefer that sound, standard are still available as little torpedoes and 40 caliber pickups on the one and two string pickup page.

  • For 7 string, email me.
  • For a modular design, or to set the coils to custom spacing, check out my HC-series pickups on the one-and-two-string-pickup page. 6-conductor cable is available for wiring them as a hex pickup. 

  • type
    color (and style for bass):

    Breakout Boxes:

    A breakout box is how you get each of the multiple signals (6 for hexaphonic, 4 for quadraphonic, etc.) to your guitar amplifier(s) or other inputs. I have two main types of breakout box, hexaphonic and hexaphonic/stereo, which can be made for hexaphonic, heptaphonic, or quadraphonic.

    The input of either type of breakout box is a 7 pin female din connector. 13 pin din connector versions are also available, by request. In the hexaphonic box, there are six 1/4" outputs (hexaphonic version), one for each string. A 7 pin cable connects from your guitar to the box. A 7 pin output connector for your guitar is included with purchase of a breakout box.

    The hexaphonic/stereo breakout box has the same features as the hexaphonic box and additional stereo outputs (two 1/4" jacks). It also has switches for each string signal, to choose left, right or hex mode for each string. In hex mode, a string's signal will go to its individual hex output only, and not to left or right. All strings in left mode will come out of the left output as well as all hex outputs of strings in left mode. All strings in right mode will come out of the right output as well as all hex outputs of strings in right mode.

    This gives you many options–you can divide the strings in any combination of left and right (but no individual string can go to both left and right simultaneously) and process them in groups. For example, you can send low E and A to the left channel out to an octave pedal and bass amp, and the remaining strings to the right channel, to a guitar amp. Maybe you want to add fuzz only to the high E string, so you send that out in hex mode. There are all kinds of things you can do.

    Both boxes come in an aluminum enclosure. A plastic version of the hexaphonic breakout box is also available with all six outputs on one side. The aluminum enclosures have outputs three to a side.




  • 7 pin cable, 10 feet, white: $15 (six conductors, plus ground, one unused pin)

    Acoustic Adapter:

  • The acoustic adapter is for pickups in a strat-style case to mount in the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. This can be a hex single, a hex-humbucker-in-a-single-case, or a one or two string pickup.  The acoustic adapter is not compatible with Jumbo size guitars. The pickup is height adjustable in the adapter, with screws and springs like in an electric guitar. With these, it's generally best to adjust the pickup as close to the strings as you can get away with.
  • adapter method="post">
    7-pin Inline Jack:

    If you're using the acoustic adapter with your hex pickup, you'll probably want the inline jack, so you can easily remove the whole thing and install it on a different guitar, when desired. Price includes labor: the pickup will come with the jack connected.

    To order:

    Use paypal buttons above (you don't need a paypal account) or email me at paul@ubertar.com

    For more info, see the FAQ page.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask via email.

    I am no longer accepting custom orders. Most special needs (custom spacing, alternate cases) can be accommodated with individual HC pickups.



    Epiphone SG Special


    • brand new condition before modifications
    • stock humbucker in neck position*
    • dual pickup in bridge position*-- mono single coil replaces stock bridge humbucker to 3-way switch, and 1/4" out, along with neck pickup
    • standard hex single coil with direct output to 7 pin output jack. With this setup, you can have hex output and mono output simultaneously.
    • Mono single coil is custom hand-wound!
    • Package includes guitar, 7 pin output cable, regular breakout box in aluminum case.

    • Price: $495 plus shipping

      *I have two with this setup, and one that's reversed: stock humbucker in bridge, and standard hex single/mono single combo in neck position. Please specify which configuration you would like.


    MIK Fender Squier Strat


    • Korean-made Squier Stratocaster, Bullet Series, 1990s I believe. Triple hex! It has some blemishes, but nothing major. I think these were the last Bullets ever made with a blonde (maple) fingerboard. Pickguard is painted black (was originally white); the paint job is not very good.
    • red hex single in bridge position
    • black hex humbucker-in-a-single-case (true humbucker, NOT stacked!) in middle position.
    • white hex single in neck position, custom-spaced for best separation in neck position.
    • each hex pickup has a selector switch to go from hex (out the 7 pin jack) to mono (out the 1/4" jack). So you can use it like a normal Strat, and choose any combination of pickups, including ones you can't get with a 5-way switch, like neck+bridge or all three at once. This goes for the hex (7 pin) output as well. Whichever pickups don't go to the hex output go to the mono output, and vice-versa.
    • Package includes guitar, 7 pin output cable, regular breakout box in aluminum case or hex plus stereo box in aluminum case.

    • Price: $735 plus shipping (regular breakout box option); or $765 plus shipping (hex + stereo box option)

      This is truly an amazing deal. Three hex pickups, installed by the maker (no having to deal with clueless guitar techs or trying to figure it out yourself) with hex/mono switches for each, in a very nice-playing guitar, with breakout box and cable. Korean strats don't usually get the love from collectors the Japanese ones do, but they're sweet guitars. Especially the necks.



    NY Pro Telecaster


    • Nice NY Pro Telecaster
    • used but excellent condition
    • stock pickup in neck
    • hex single coil in bridge position
    • 6pdt switch alternates mono/hex output for bridge hex pickup-- hex goes to 7 pin output jack; mono to 3-way selector switch, then 1/4" out, along with stock pickup.
    • Tone/volume controls work with mono pickups as normal.
    • Package includes guitar, 7 pin output cable, regular breakout box in aluminum case.

    • Price: $570 plus shipping.


    Other guitars are available to add hex pickups to and mod with switches, etc. to your liking. Email to inquire.


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